Donna Webb

Donna Webb is an artist whose works are in the permanent collection of The Walker Art Center, The Plains Art Museum, and numerous private collections. She taught art at Normandale Community College for ten years, Spring Hill Waldorf School for seven years, the Center for Wholeness for twenty years, and currently teaches in collaboration with the Edina Art Center, Novalis Institute, and at her studio #302 at The Casket Arts Carriage House.

Donna's studies of the Hauschka Therapeutic Painting Technique became the cornerstone of her Master's Thesis on Wholistic Arts, blending art therapy techniques with studio arts. Donna is currently taking training in the Collot methods of "Light Color and Darkness".


Follow Donna's classes on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/Fullmooncreativearts

email: donna@donnawebb.com


Full Moon Creative Arts

What thoughts does the Full Moon inspire in you? A unique and poignant or powerful time? A time outside of normal reality? What would Full Moon Creativity be for you? Under this website I will list my teaching schedule and the classes offered for each quarter of the year.


Full Moon Photography

With her unique, Renaissance inspired photographic portraits, Donna likes to capture the timeless aspects of a sitter, rather than a fleeting moment. E-mail her at donna@donnawebb.com for more information and an appointment.


Full Moon Facilitation

Donna is available to facilitate a group therapeutic painting session for your workplace, family, or friends. For more information contact her at donna@donnawebb.com


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