What thoughts does the Full Moon inspire in you? A unique and poignant or powerful time? A time outside of normal reality? What would Full Moon Creativity be for you?

Find out for yourself by attending a class through Full Moon Creative Arts. Creativity is the perfect antidote for our increasingly busy lives.

Donna’s classes promote balance, wholeness and creative expression, mixing fine arts with art therapy techniques.

During 2023, her classes will include art techniques inspired by Hauschka Therapeutic Painting and Liane Collot d’Herbois work with “Light, Darkness and Color” as well as Beginning Drawing.


A man holding a glowing ball in the dark.
Donna Webb

Donna Webb is an artist whose works are in the permanent collection of The Walker Art Center, The Plains Art Museum, and numerous private collections. She taught art at Normandale Community College for ten years, Spring Hill Waldorf School for seven years, the Center for Wholeness for twenty years, and currently teaches in collaboration with Novalis Institute, and at her studio #302 at The Casket Arts Carriage House.

Donna earned her BFA in Photography and then her studies of the Hauschka Therapeutic Painting Technique became the cornerstone of her Master’s Thesis on Wholistic Arts, blending art therapy techniques with studio arts. Donna is currently working with the Collot methods of “Light Color and Darkness”.

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Wholistic Arts

When I was first introduced to the” Collot” methods of “Light, Color, and Darkness” I resonated with the idea that we, as human beings, are spirit within physical matter.  Our unique soul is like the “Color” created where light (consciousness and spirit) meets darkness (physical matter-earth).

A painting of a man with a spiral around his neck.
“Of Heaven and Earth”, Donna Webb, @2000

As this mixture of heaven and earth we need to attend to both. We can have ideas, dreams, and thoughts, but we need to ground them through art, dance, music and and action to make them physical. It is not always the product, but the process of doing that helps to manifest our spirit.

Wholistic Arts Classes are intended to help balance the “head, hands, and heart”.

In 1981, as my mother was dying, she said to my sister and I that she would send kisses every full moon.  That led to the naming of my first business  Full Moon Photography , which was later followed by Full Moon Creative Arts and Full Moon Facilitation


Email: [email protected]

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Phone: 612-518-2378

Classes are held at my studio in the Casket Arts Carriage House #302 unless otherwise noted. The address is 1720 Madison St. NE, Mpls., MN. 55413

The Carriage House is located behind the main Casket Arts Building next to the grain elevators where Madison St ends. There is a parking lot between the two buildings you can park in.